Cushie Tushies Review – the new hybrid Chameleon

by Natalie on April 24, 2012 · 1 comment

My daughter loves minky nappies. If I let her choose a nappy from the shelf, she’ll reach for the Cushie Tushie Giraffe or High Tea prints. She’ll walk around hugging the nappy and will even put the minky to her cheek. When we received the new Cushie Tushies Chameleon to review, she fell in love with the soft owl print ‘Hoot’ immediately.

I bought a few of the original Couture and Basix CT’s for our nappy stash before my daughter was born, and although I loved the look of them, I struggled to get the fit right on a newborn. There’s instructions on the Cushie Tushies blog, and a video on YouTube, but in the haze of new motherhood, I never took the time to work it out properly. We then struggled with nappy rash from 4-6 months of age, and during this time I either sold, or packed away any nappies that didn’t have natural fibres directly against the skin. Late last year, around the age of 1, I tried one on my daughter again, and the fit is perfect now., although at 16 months, she’s now on the last snaps! I’ve heard that from this age, most children get taller, but not much bigger around the waist, so hopefully these nappies still fit for a long time.

The new Chameleon shares many characteristics with the original CT’s I have, with the trademark gorgeous prints, and the single row of snaps. However, the Chameleon has moved away from the AIO style, and is a hybrid AI2, with the option of an eco disposable insert instead of the cloth booster. I love to know that my MCN’s are completely dry before I take them off the line, and it’s always been a bit of guess work with my CT’s, but with the new Chameleon’s, this is no longer a problem. Used as a full cloth nappy, the Chameleon has an absorbent booster which snaps inside the waterproof cover. This booster has gussets, which along with the gently elasticised leg holes, provides protection from leaks. The Chameleon comes with an extra mini booster, and night boosters are available for purchase separately, allowing the user to customise the absorbency for their child.

I received two of the Eco-friendly disposable nappy inserts to try with the Chameleon cover, and decided to use one on our recent trip to Brisbane. We set off on the train from the suburbs into Central Station, and had a great day shopping in Queen Street Mall. While I can and do change MCN’s on the run anywhere and everywhere, it was great to be able to leave the nappy on for ages, and yes, the biodegradable insert does absorb a lot! Given that Cushie Tushies is a locally owned, Brisbane company, it felt very appropriate to be trialling the Chameleon right in the middle of town.

Overall, I’m impressed with the changes that have been made in the development of the new Chameleon, and will be using the cover with the boosters, and any other absorbent boosters I already have as well. And if my daughter’s obsession with frozen blueberries as a snack continues.. the dark pattern of the owls will be making a frequent appearance at our dinner table too!

The Chameleon is $35.95, with the shells available on their own for $20.00, and the disposable ‘Single’s in packs of 18 for $9.95 from online at Cushie Tushies. Follow Cushie Tushies on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news and specials too. Have you tried the new Chameleon? What did you think?

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