What’s in my stash: Grovia Hybrid AI2

by Natalie on February 2, 2012 · 2 comments

Over the last 12 months, one brand of nappies that has been used regularly in our house is the Grovia Shell and Soaker Pad system. I originally bought a Hook and Loop Shell, and a Snap Shell, with 4 Organic Cotton Soaker Pads, but soon added another 3 H&L Shells, and some more pads to our stash when I realised how much they were being used!

These nappies snap down quite small, and so were able to be used on my daughter from a very young age. Up until now, the 3 H&L shells have been used much more than the Snap shell, as they gave the flexibility to adjust to a perfect fit. My daughter doesn’t have the skinniest legs (*cough cough*.. takes after her mother I think!) and the hook and loop is beginning to rub on her thighs, so I keep meaning to bring the snap shell back into rotation to avoid this problem. Now we’re not trying to keep newborn poos from going everything (these nappies were fantastic for not leaking!), I tend to leave her nappies a bit looser anyway, so the perfect fit around the legs and back is not an issue anymore. The hook and loop is amazingly grippy on these shells, more so than any other velcro closure I’ve ever come across. I had trouble opening them the first few times they were used! This means that my 1yo can’t undo them like she can with some other nappies.. which is a definite bonus!

The beauty of this hybrid system is that the booster can be snapped out and replaced with a dry one, while reusing the same couple of covers throughout the day. I believe it’s recommended to have two covers in rotation, with one cover airing out while the other is being used. Reusing the covers reduces washing, which is always appreciated! These nappies dry at a rate proportionate to their absorbency. Separating the two layers between two adjacent lines on my little drying rack allows the soakers to dry quicker.

I also came across a box of the Biosoakers on special one day, and bought them to try out. The Biosoakers lay inside the shell neatly (the adhesive is extremely strong and difficult to remove, so I just lay them inside the shell now), and provide a great option for occasions like long car trips.
Similarly, any absorbent soaker can be used inside the shells – prefolds, terry squares, or boosters from other nappies.

The Hook and Loop Shells retail for $21.50, with the Organic Cotton Soaker Pads sold in two packs for around $25. Grovia also produces a range of other nappy accessories, like the Magic Stick, Tiny Bubbles detergent and All Natural Baby Wipes. They also make AIO and newborn nappies. Have you used the Hybrid AI2 system, or any other of the Grovia products?

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